AutoFill in non-Safari browsers on Mac?

Minimalist AutoFill is currently limited to browsers and apps which support Apple’s AutoFill system. On iOS this includes virtually all of them: Chrome, FireFox, Brave, DuckDuckGo, Edge, Opera, and probably many others. On Mac however, it's currently limited to Safari only... at least for now.

Why don’t we have browser extensions for non-Safari browsers?

We’re really stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one.

On the one hand we completely understand the need for cross-browser AutoFill. However, on the other hand we have limited resources and developing dedicated browser plugins is a non-trivial amount of work and future maintenance.

Moreover, Apple’s AutoFill system has some pretty significant benefits regarding security, privacy, and convenience which you can read about in AutoFill without Browser Extensions.

Our hope is for other browsers to integrate with Apple's AutoFill system on Mac so third party password managers like Minimalist will “just work” like they already do on iOS.

When will other browsers integrate with Apple's AutoFill system on Mac?

To our knowledge no other browser manufacture has announced plans to integrate with Apple's AutoFill system. However that doesn't mean they won't. Most software companies are looking for ways to improve their products and user experience, we just need to let them know how!

So please submit feedback to your favorite browser maker requesting them to:

  • Add support for Apple's AutoFill system on Mac.

What are we doing in the mean time?

We're currently exploring options for AutoFill support on non-Safari browsers. Feel free to reach out at to be notified when we've determined our solution.

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