How to store Passkeys in Minimalist

We’ve been watching Apple’s Passkey development, and the FIDO Alliance in general, for a while now, and although we’re pretty excited about the upcoming password-less future, we’re not entirely sure what role Minimalist will play in that future. Here's what we're thinking so far.

When will Minimalist add support for Passkeys

Given Apple’s opening up of the Passkey APIs to third-party developers in macOS Sonoma and iOS 17, we’re thinking we'll be adding support for Passkeys at some point in the future, however we’re refraining from giving an ETA for exactly when this may happen.

While we understand people wanting to know how long a given feature will take, we have decided not to provide time estimates. In our experience time estimates are rarely accurate and often create an artificial sense of urgency which can lead developers to rush designs or cut corners resulting in software quality issues.

Instead we promise to work on whatever seems most important at a given time and take as long as it requires to get it right!

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience!

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