How to AutoFill a single Login item on multiple websites

Many online accounts can be used to sign-in to multiple different websites. For instance an Apple ID can be used to sign into,, and numerous other websites. That's why Minimalist supports auto-filling of a single Login item on multiple websites.

How does it work?

Each Login item in Minimalist has a special field called "AutoFill domains". This is a list of website domains for which Minimalist will offer to AutoFill a particular Login item.

We recommend letting Minimalist manage the AutoFill domains automatically by simply using AutoFill:

  • Open a sign-in page in Safari.
  • Select the username or password field.
  • Select “Minimalist” from the dropdown menu. You may need to manually select the key icon to show the dropdown menu.
  • Select the Login item you’d like associated with this website.
  • Minimalist will auto-fill the credentials and add this website's domain to the AutoFill domains list.

You can also manually manage a Login item's associated AutoFill domains should you need to remove or otherwise modify the list:

  • Edit the Login item.
  • Select “Show AutoFill domains”.
  • Add or remove domains as needed.

Let us know if you run into any troubles at and we'll do our best to get things sorted out!

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