How to automatically copy 2FA one-time passwords when using AutoFill

Minimalist AutoFill is built on Apple’s AutoFill system which unfortunately does not yet support auto-filling of one-time passwords for third party passwords managers like Minimalist. That's why Minimalist offers automatic copying of one-time passwords while using AutoFill.

When will Apple support auto-filling of one-time passwords?

Apple has not yet announced any plans to expand the AutoFill system to include one-time passwords for third party password managers like Minimalist. However that doesn't mean they won't. Apple is always looking for ways to improve their products and give us a better experience, we just need to let them know how!

Please submit feedback to Apple at asking them to:

  • Update the AutoFill system to allow third party password managers to auto-fill one-time passwords.

In the mean time, continue reading to enable automatic copying of one-time passwords.

How to enable automatic copying of one-time passwords

One enabled, Minimalist will automatically copy a current one-time password to the clipboard which can then pasted into the appropriate field.

Here's how to enabled it:

  • Open Minimalist app.
  • Select gear icon to open “Settings” screen.
  • Select "Minimalist AutoFill”.
  • Enable “Automatically copy one-time passwords…”
  • Optionally allow notifications to remind you when a one-time password has been copied (recommended).

And here's how to use it:

  • AutoFill the username and password of any Login item for which you've setup one-time passwords.
  • Watch for the notification indicating the one-time password has been copied.
  • Manually paste the copied one-time password into the appropriate field.

That should be it! Let us know if you run into any trouble at

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