How to restore purchase if still showing Get Unlimited Editing

Minimalist attempts to recognize purchases made on any of your devices. However there are circumstances where Minimalist can't see your purchase and shows Get Unlimited Editing instead. Learn how to restore your purchase and re-enable Unlimited Editing.

How to restore your purchase

Here's how to restore your purchase on any device still showing Get Unlimited Editing:

  • Ensure the device has an active internet connection.
  • Open the Minimalist app.
  • Select gear icon to open the Settings screen.
  • Select "Get Unlimited Editing" to open the Purchase screen.
  • Select "Restore purchases” located just under the last purchase option.
  • Wait a minute or two for Minimalist to update and process the App Store receipt.

With any luck your purchase will be acknowledged and the editing limit will be removed.

Still seeing Get Unlimited Editing after restoring your purchase?

Purchases in Minimalist are associated with a particular Apple ID. Let's start by confirming your purchase completed successfully and is associated with your current Apple ID.

How to confirm Subscription:

  • Confirm Minimalist is listed under "Active".
  • If Minimalist is not listed under active, the purchase may not have completed successfully and you can simply try again inside the Minimalist app.

How to confirm One-Time Purchase:

  • Confirm Minimalist's one-time purchase is present.
    • You may need to adjust the Date Range at the top to see older purchases.
  • If Minimalist's one-time purchase is not listed, the purchase may not have completed successfully and you can simply try again inside the Minimalist app.

Still seeing Get Unlimited Editing after confirming your purchase?

There are a surprising number of moving parts required to make in-app purchases work correctly. A temporary hiccup in any part can prevent purchases from being recognized. Sometimes the answer is something really simply like restarting the app or device.

Please ensure you have an active internet connection, then try these in the following order, re-checking the purchase screen after each attempt:

  • Quit or Force-Quit and relaunch the Minimalist app.
  • Restart the device.
  • Delete and reinstall the Minimalist app. PLEASE ensure all your data is synced to iCloud or backed up before deleting the app. Let us know if you need any help with this.

Still seeing Get Unlimited Editing after restarting & reinstalling?

There is one more thing you can try which will force your device to recognize the purchase... you can initiate the purchase again.

The App Store will not let you to pay for Minimalist in-app purchases twice, so assuming you've confirmed your purchase in the previous steps, you can safely initiate the purchase again without being charged. The purchase will simply fail with a message saying "You've already purchased this".

In the event that something goes wrong, and you are charged again for the purchase, please request a refund from Apple and let us know about it at

Still seeing Get Unlimited Editing?

Oh my, this is a tricky one indeed!

Please reach out to us at . Please include details and screenshots regarding the initial purchase and the outcome of the above steps.

Rest assured, we will get this sorted out one way or another!

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