Will Minimalist be adding an Apple Watch app?

We've received a number of requests to add an Apple Watch app to Minimalist. We're still working out exactly what our Apple Watch app should do, so here's your chance to tell us! Let us know exactly what you'd like to see in an Apple Watch app for Minimalist.

What should an Apple Watch app for Minimalist do?

Based on the fantastic feedback we've receive already, here are a few ideas and use cases we're considering:

  • Access to a limited number of frequently used items:
    • i.e. Work passwords, alarm codes, building codes, credit card PINs, Wifi credentials, lock combos, etc.
  • Access to 2FA one-time password codes when signing in on other devices:
    • i.e. Work computer, family member's iPhone, etc.
  • Access to important items when your other devices are lost or unavailable:
    • i.e. My son triggered the time-delay lock out on my iPhone... again...
  • Access to all items while out and not carrying iPhone:
    • i.e. Out on a run, walk, hike, bike ride, etc.
  • Access to secure notes as Apple Watch lacks the Notes app.

What do you think? Have another idea? Let us know at hello@minimalistpassword.com. We'd love to hear from you!

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