What is a third party security audit and has one been performed?

A third party security audit is a thorough assessment of all code, documentation, and processes related to a software system by an independent third party security firm. The goal of an audit is to uncover potential security risks which can then be patched by the software's developer. As Minimalist is relatively new, we have not been able to perform such an audit... yet!

When will an audit be performed?

As soon as possible! Security audits need to be performed on a regular basis in order to be effective, and they are expensive! Minimalist's revenue is growing steadily, however we're not yet at the point where it's financially feasible to perform regular audits. We hope to be in a better position soon at which point we will re-evaluate.

Can you notify me once an audit has been performed?

Absolutely! Please reach out to us at hello@minimalistpassword.com and we'll be happy to put your name on the list!

In the mean time, how do I know Minimalist is secure?

We completely understand. Knowing who to trust in software can be really difficult. A little skepticism is probably a good thing when it comes to protecting our passwords.

You can start by learning more about our approach to security and privacy. We've attempted to explain everything in plain english, but security and encryption are fairly complex topics which inevitably lead to some pretty cryptic jargon.

If you find your eyes glossing over, please reach out to us at hello@minimalistpassword.com. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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