How to use Minimalist as an authenticator for sites with two-factor authentication (2FA)

Minimalist can securely store and generate one-time passwords without requiring an additional authenticator app. One-time passwords are generated 100% offline so this works without an internet connection and while in Airplane Mode. Here's how to get started.

Step 1: Setup two-factor authentication for websites which support it

In order to use Minimalist as an authenticator, you'll first need to setup two-factor authentication (2FA) on each website which supports it. Many popular websites already support 2FA, with more being added to the list everyday.

  • Search the to find out which websites you use support 2FA.
  • Select the blue Docs icon to show instructions for a particular website.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the website.
  • When you see a QR code to be scanned, continue with the next steps.

Step 2: Add your secret key to Minimalist

Minimalist does not currently support scanning of QR codes, however we will be adding it soon! In the mean time, we have good news!

Most websites provide a secret key as an alternative when QR code scanning is unavailable. Copy/paste this secret key into the appropriate field and Minimalist will start generating one-time passwords.

Here's how it generally works:

  • Open Minimalist.
  • Create a new Login item, or edit the existing Login item for the website.
  • Select "Show one-time password" just below the password field.
  • Go to the website where the QR code is displayed and look for an option to show the secret key as text.
    • It may say “show secret key”, or “can’t scan QR code?”, or something similar.
  • Copy/paste the secret key into the one-time password field in Minimalist.
  • Select "Done" to save the item.

Minimalist should now be generating one-time passwords along with a circular time-remaining indicator showing how long before the one-time password re-generates.

Step 3: Enable automatic copying of one-time passwords when using AutoFill

Minimalist AutoFill is built on Apple’s AutoFill system which unfortunately does not yet support auto-filling of one-time passwords for third party passwords managers like Minimalist.

As an alternative, Minimalist can automatically copy one-time passwords to the clipboard when using AutoFill.

Here's how to enabled it:

  • Open Minimalist app.
  • Select gear icon to open “Settings” screen.
  • Select "Minimalist AutoFill”.
  • Enable “Automatically copy one-time passwords…”
  • Optionally allow notifications to remind you when a one-time password has been copied (recommended).

And here's how to use it:

  • AutoFill the username and password of any Login item for which you've setup one-time passwords.
  • Watch for the notification indicating the one-time password has been copied.
    • One-time passwords are still copied even when notifications are disabled or silenced by Do Not Disturb.
  • Manually paste the copied one-time password into the appropriate field.

Step 4: Confirm it's working!

To confirm that you’ve setup one-time passwords correctly, websites will generally ask you to enter a one-time password immediately.

Simply copy/paste the currently generated one-time password from Minimalist into the provided field and you should be good to go!

Please let us know if you run into any trouble at We'll be happy to help!

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