What is a Menu Bar App and will Minimalist be adding one?

Menu Bar Apps are like mini versions of an app that live in your Mac's menu bar. They are generally used to show status information or perform common tasks such as opening an existing login, adding a new login, or generating a random password. Let us know what you'd like in a Minimalist Menu Bar App and we'll do our best to accommodate!

What would you like in a Minimalist Menu Bar App?

Some Menu Bar Apps limit themselves to only the most common commands. Others include an almost feature-complete "mini" version of their parent app.

While it's in our nature to prefer the more "minimalist" most-common-command approach, we're finding ourselves increasingly excited by the feature-complete idea!

Here's our thinking so far regarding what a Minimalist Menu Bar App far could be:

  • Access to an almost feature-complete version of Minimalist.
  • Accessible via global keyboard shortcut.
  • Select items and copy fields using only the keyboard.
  • Ability to "pin" window so it stays visible and above other app windows.
  • Copy field values into other apps using drag-and-drop.
  • Generate and copy a random password to the clipboard.
  • Open the main app.
  • Lock the app.

What do you think?

Would you add something? Change something? Remove something? Let us know at hello@minimalistpassword.com. We'd love to hear from you!

When will it be available?

Minimalist is currently built using Apple's Mac Catalyst technology which does not officially support Menu Bar Apps. This makes providing a Menu Bar App more difficult than we'd like. However we've already started experimenting with a work-around and it's looking very promising!

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