How to AutoFill credit card information

Minimalist AutoFill is built on Apple’s AutoFill system which provides secure, private, and convenient auto-filling of usernames and passwords into websites and apps. Unfortunately Apple's AutoFill system is currently limited to usernames and passwords only, and does not support auto-filling of other content types such as credit card information... yet.

When will Apple be adding credit card information to the AutoFill system?

Apple has not yet announced any plans to expand the AutoFill system to include additional content types like credit card information. However that doesn't mean they won't. Apple is always looking for ways to improve their products and give us a better experience, we just need to let them know how!

Please submit feedback to Apple at asking them to:

  • Update the AutoFill system to allow third party password managers to auto-fill additional content types like credit card information.

In the mean time, we will continue to watch for announcements regarding Apple's AutoFill system and update Minimalist to take advantage of new features as they become available.

How can I AutoFill credit card information into websites in the mean time?

We recommend using Safari's Credit Card AutoFill! It's secure, convenient, and already installed. Get setup with these Apple support articles for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Do I still need to keep my credit card information in Minimalist?

Safari's Credit Card AutoFill is fantastic at doing exactly one thing: auto-filling payment information into a website. This includes card number, cardholder, and expiry date. That's it.

Minimalist on the other hand lets you store all information associated with a credit card account in one secure place! This includes online portal login credentials, payment information, security codes, PINs, support phone numbers, account notes, special instructions, and anything else you need.

We recommend storing all credit card account information in Minimalist, then using Safari's Credit Card AutoFill as a quick way to enter payment information into websites. Works for us!

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