How to update existing login passwords from Safari back into Minimalist

Minimalist communicates with Safari via Apple’s AutoFill system which provides secure, private, and convenient auto-filling of usernames and passwords into websites and apps. Unfortunately Apple's AutoFill system does not currently support updating existing login passwords from Safari back into Minimalist... at least not yet!

When will Apple be adding support?

Apple has not yet announced plans to update the AutoFill system to support updating of existing login passwords from Safari back into password managers like Minimalist. However that doesn't mean they won't. Apple is always looking for ways to improve their products and give us a better experience, we just need to let them know how!

Please submit feedback to Apple at asking them to:

  • Allow third party password managers to update existing login passwords from Safari just like iCloud Keychain currently does.

We will continue to watch for announcements regarding Apple's AutoFill system and update Minimalist to take advantage of new features as they become available.

What do you recommend in the mean time?

We recommend updating login passwords directly in Minimalist using the password generator, then copy/pasting the new password back into Safari to update the actual account.

Here's our flow:

  • Navigate to password update page in Safari.
  • Open the Minimalist app.
  • Select the login item for the account (we use search to find it quickly).
  • Select “Edit" to enter editing mode.
  • Update the password either manually or using the password generator (we prefer the password generator).
  • Select “Done” to save the changes and store the previous password in the password history.
  • Copy the new password by selecting the password field.
  • Jump back into Safari and finish updating the actual account.

It only takes a few steps, lets us use a Minimalist-generated password, and keeps a history of previous passwords inside Minimalist! Works for us!

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