How to see if a password has been compromised in a data breach

Data breaches are far more common than any of us want to admit. Passwords are leaked with alarming frequency. Websites exist where you can check if your passwords have been compromised, but you have to check them one at a time! Wouldn't it be great if Minimalist could safely and securely check them all for you? Yeah, we think so too!

How will it work?

Minimalist will be using a popular and highly regarded service called Have I Been Pwned to safely and securely compare your logins against a database of exposed credentials known to have been leaked in data breaches.

Rest assured, your actual passwords will never leave your device. Instead Minimalist will generate a SHA-1 hash of your passwords, portions of which will be sent to the service for comparison. Learn more about how Have I Been Pwned handles privacy.

Results will be available somewhere inside Minimalist, although we haven't decided exactly where. They could be shown inline, inside a new "Report" screen, or somewhere else entirely. At this point we're open to any and all ideas!

When will it be available?

Truthfully, we're not sure. All we can say is we're really excited about adding this feature and will get working on it as soon as we can!


Are you waiting on this feature? Have a suggestion for how it should work? Let us know at We'd love to hear from you!

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