How to setup up Apple Family Sharing in order to share your Minimalist purchase

Apple Family Sharing lets you share your Minimalist purchase with up to 5 other family members. Each family member gets their own private Minimalist data, securely synced via their own iCloud account. Learn how to setup Apple Family Sharing here.

Step 1: Setup Apple Family Sharing

Follow the steps in this Apple Support article to enable Family Sharing on your App Store account and setup your Family Group.

Step 2: Open Minimalist on each family member's device

Once Apple Family Sharing has been setup on for your App Store account, your Minimalist purchase will now be available to each member of the Family Group.

Simply open Minimalist on each family member's device and Minimalist will check for the newly shared purchase.


If Minimalist does not immediately detect the shared purchase on a particular device, please follow the steps in this Apple Support article to ensure the Apple ID being used for App Store purchases on that device matches an Apple ID included in the Family Group.

Please let us know if you run into any trouble at

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