Generate 2FA Codes

Securely store and generate 2FA codes directly from within Minimalist. No additional authenticator app required.

Secure, Convenient, Synced via iCloud

As people who use iPhone, iPad, and Mac we expect signing into 2FA enabled websites to be secure, convenient, and available on all our devices. That's why Minimalist securely stores and generates 2FA codes. All your login information lives in one place, available on all your devices.


Everything you store in Minimalist is protected using industry standard 256-bit encryption and end-to-end encrypted sync via iCloud. This means your passwords and 2FA codes remain secure and private, even from us. Learn more about security in Minimalist.


Minimalist makes signing into 2FA enabled websites super convenient by letting you access passwords and 2FA codes in one place. Minimalist can automatically copy 2FA codes to the clipboard when using AutoFill to make signing in even faster!

Synced via iCloud

Minimalist ensures all your passwords and 2FA codes are available on all your devices using end-to-end encrypted sync via iCloud. Learn more about iCloud sync in Minimalist.

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