Sync via iCloud

Minimalist keeps all your data in sync across iPhone, iPad, and Mac using the iCloud account you already trust.

Fast, Reliable, and Super Secure

As people who use iPhone, iPad, and Mac we already trust iCloud. It's fast, reliable, and super secure. That's why Minimalist syncs exclusively via iCloud. Your devices sync ridiculously fast and your data remains secure and private, even from us.

Secure & Reliable

Apple has invested a lot of time and money making iCloud a robust, scalable, and super secure syncing solution. Their business depends on it. As far as we're concerned iCloud is absolutely the most secure and reliable sync solution available to us.

Completely Private

Apple is renowned for their commitment to privacy. They go to great lengths to keep our data private, even from third party developers like us!

For example, Minimalist syncs all your data via an iCloud private database which can only be accessed on your devices. This means we can't see your data even if we wanted to. It's a really great design!

Super Convenient

For most of us iCloud is already setup on all our devices. Simply download Minimalist and start syncing immediately. No need to sign up or sign in. It doesn't get any more convenient than that!

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