Designed for Apple

Designed exclusively for iPhone, iPad, and Mac to take advantage of the power, speed, and security built into Apple platforms.

Intuitive, Fast, and Super Secure

As people who use iPhone, iPad, and Mac we expect apps to be intuitive, fast, and super secure. That's why Minimalist uses Apple's native app technologies including:

  • UIKit for fast, fluid, intuitive user interface.
  • The Swift Programming Language for fast, power efficient code with fewer errors.
  • Face ID, Touch ID, and Unlock with Apple Watch for secure access.
  • iCloud for secure and private syncing of end-to-end encrypted data.

As a result Minimalist is intuitive, really fast, and super secure.

Fast, Fluid, Intuitive User Interface

Minimalist feels right at home on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It's fast, fluid, intuitive user interface is fresh and new, yet instantly familiar. We used Apple's native app technologies to give Minimalist a clean, simple, minimal design without sacrificing speed, power efficiency, or security.

Fast & Power Efficient

Minimalist is fast, really fast. We used Apple's native app technologies to optimize everything from launch, to unlock, to animations, to iCloud sync, letting you access your data quickly without wasting your device's battery.

Super Secure

Minimalist takes advantage of Apple's latest security technologies built into iPhone, iPad, and Mac to ensure you, and only you, can access your data. Learn more about security in Minimalist.

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