Generate Strong Passwords

Easily generate strong, secure, unique passwords for all your online accounts. This way when one account gets compromised, the others remain safe.

Automatic, Secure, and Readable

As people who use iPhone, iPad, and Mac we want to generate secure, yet still readable, passwords in as few clicks as possible. That's why Minimalist automatically generates secure passwords using a readable format without the need for a complex options screen.


Adding a login to Minimalist automatically generates a new password in the password field. You can use it, modify it, replace it, or delete it.

When it comes time to change the password, Minimalist can generate a new password for you, automatically keeping a history of the previous password just in case.

Secure Yet Readable

AutoFill makes filling passwords really easy... on our device. However sometimes we need to enter passwords into someone else's device.

That's why Minimalist generates passwords as a series of small pronounceable phrases separated by hyphens. These passwords are easy to read and easy to type.


Looking for even more secure passwords? Simply increase the number of phrases!


As Few Clicks As Possible

Unlike other password managers, Minimalist does not show an options menu every time you generate a password. Why not? Because it's simply not needed.

Instead you can set your length preference once in Settings and forget about it. All future passwords will be generated using the new setting.

On the rare occasion a generated password is rejected by a website or app, simply modify the generated password to comply. It really doesn't need to be more complicated than that.

Questions? Suggestions? Feedback?

We're on a mission to make Minimalist the best password manager for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. We'd love to hear from you!

Start Loving Your Password Manager Again

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